NKCCA Scholarships

General Scholarship Information:

Scholarships will be made available to cheerleaders & dancers whose school/gym is an active member of the Association. The amount of each scholarship will be determined each year by the Annual competition receipts and will be based on the association's account balance. Cheerleaders & Dancers are eligible if they are a members of an NKCCA school/gym, are seniors in good standing and have submitted a scholarship form. Also, their squad must be a participant in that school year’s competition (2 1/2 Minute &/or GameDay section). Proceeds received from the competition fund the scholarship awards. All forms must be completed and returned to the Association’s President with a postmark of no later then what is posted on the scholarship form of the current school year. Any application received after that date will not be accepted. Any application missing information will also not be accepted. An independent committee of the Association will select the scholarship winners. Selections will be announced at the Annual Competition. Scholarships must be redeemed by the following academic year. Scholarships not redeemed in this time period will be fortified and re-entered into the Association’s account balance. All scholarships redemption’s are handled by the treasurer and are drawn on the Association’s account. It is the scholarship winner's responsibilty to notify the NKCCA president of the school they are attending. A check will be made payable to the college or university upon receipt of a copy of the student's university/college bill.

2017-18 Scholarship Information & Applications will be posted after July 1st

The 2016-17 NKCCA scholarship application needs to be completed with all signatures and postmarked
for mail by applicable dates to:
NKCCA c/o 839 Crocus Lane, Taylor Mill, KY 41015

2016-17 NKCCA Ky Schools Scholarship Application-awarded at 1/28/17 Competition
Application due 11/30/16 for KY NKCCA member schools

NKCCA Ohio & Indiana Schools Scholarship Application -awarded at 1/28/17 Competition
Application due 12/31/16 for Ohio & Indiana participating schools

NKCCA - KY Dance Classic Scholarship Application - awarded at 2/25/17 Competition
Application due 1/31/17

KAPOS Stella Gilb Scholarship - due March 15, 2017

Missy White Stunt Scholarship for Stunting Excellence 


Mr. and Mrs. Bill White and the NKCCA are proud to offer the Missy White Memorial Award for stunting excellence to the participants in the NKCCA’s stunting competition.  The awards are in loving memory of Missy White.  Miss White cheered for Campbell County High School and Morehead State University.  She was a member of MSU’s National Championship squad in 1998. Later that year, Miss White died in a car accident on her way back to practice at MSU.  This award was established to recognize athletes that share the same commitment to technical excellence in cheerleading and dedication to promoting school spirit as Miss White did.  Since Miss White’s passion was stunting, the scholarship award(s) will be given to those groups that demonstrate a high degree of technical execution with natural spirit and grace.  They will be awarded to a Senior Girls stunt group and Co-Ed partner stunt group.

Missy White Scholarships will be awarded to the senior stunt groups only, (grades 10 & up). To be eligible for a scholarship: A coach should submit for each applicant, an official transcript, school attendance record and a paragraph of recommendation. Scholarships will be awarded to only NKCCA All-Star member gyms or schools. The scholarship will be determined by overall impression and the judges’ discretion.  Missy White Scholarship Deadline for 2017 competition is 1/15/2017 - Coaches are responsible for sending in paperwork in for each registered Stunt Group. Paperwork should be mailed to NKCCA, 839 Crocus Lane, Taylor Mill, KY 41015

To redeem a scholarship:

The Association will pay the scholarship award to fund only the recipient's  college tuition, books, lab, dorm or miscellaneous university-billed fees.  Therefore, the NKCCA needs a copy of the tuition bill.  This bill helps the NKCCA to verify that the recipient is indeed attending college and their tuition is not being covered by another scholarship(s)  If you are receiving other aid we will hold this money for up to one year.  If not used in the next school year, it will be forfeited.  Also, please keep in mind; it is your responsibility to notify us when you want to redeem your award, you will receive no reminders that your money has not been redeemed and may soon expire.

When you are ready for reimbursement, forward a copy of your university bill  and a return address to:


NKCCA-Scholarship award
839 Crocus Lane
Taylor Mill, KY 41015

  Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive a check once you have forwarded the necessary information. Checks will be made payable to the university or college referenced on your tuition bill.

2017 NKCCA Scholarship Recipients
Erin McNamara - Campbell County HS
Ashley Rust - Campbell County HS
Alessandra McLoughlin - Dixie Heights HS
Katie Fields - Dixie Heights HS
Olivia Sletto - Beechwood HS
Grace Beebe - Pendleton County HS
Terra Johnson - Grant County HS
Madison Sydnor - Pendleton County HS
Kaleigh Woods - Bracken County HS
Megan Butler - St. Henry District HS
Mallory Robinson - Grant County HS
Molly Burgemeir - Pendleton County HS

2017 Missy White Stunt Scholarship Award
Dixie Heights HS
Celeste Binford
Ally McLoughlin
Hannah Cook
Marinda Bosley

2017 NKCCA Leadership Award
Olivia Sletto - Beechwood HS
Mallory Robinson - Grant County HS

2016 NKCCA Scholarship Recipients
Rachel Bowling - Conner HS
Kaylin Wells - Pendleton County HS
Kasey Johnson - Boone County HS
Devin Gallagher - Boone County HS
Cheyenne Hurston - Pendleton County HS
Alana Gronefeld - Cooper HS
Kassidy Schreiber - St. Henry HS
Payton Welch - St. Henry HS
Logan Ryle - Ryle HS
Emersyn Early - Conner HS
Serena Rice - Scott HS
Olivia Niemi - Ryle HS
Avery March - Williamstown HS
Eva Arana - Dixie Heights HS
Abby Enzweiler - Holy Cross HS
Krista Mills - Newport HS
Allison Dyas - Campbell County HS
Natalie Brown - Campbell County HS

2016 Missy White Stunt Scholarship Award
Dixie Heights HS
Hailey Price
Marinda Bosley
Matthews Lakin
Shelby Zurborg

2016 NKCCA Leadership Award
Tayler Johnson - Owen County HS

2015 NKCCA Scholarship Recipients

  1. Caitlin Brown Campbell County
  2. Danielle Martin Campbell County
  3. Taylor Back Campbell County/Premier Athletics
  4. Emily Bakes Holy Cross
  5. Kara Hugunin –Walton Verona
  6. Mari Johnson Williamstown
  7. Chelcey Broughton Simon Kenton
  8. Hannah Rogers Boone County
  9. Courtney Vasseur Ryle
  10. Caitlyn Thornton Walton Verona
  11. Jocelyn Adams Williamstown
  12. Brooke Cottengim Dixie Heights
  13. Megan Heuker Notre Dame Academy/Premier Athletics
  14. Amelia Beatsch Bellevue

Missy White Award Winners – Dixie Heights HS - Marinda Bosley, Lakin Matthews, Haley Stacy, Kennedy Webster

2014 NKCCA Scholarship Winners

Valerie Cammack-Beechwood, Morgan Threlkeld-Williamstown, Meghan Nally-Ryle, Courtney Bourgiois-Bishop Brossart, Sara Goetz-St. Henry District, MacKenzie Biehl-Walton Verona, Macy Goetz-Williamstown, Hannah Kinsey-Williamstown, Karlee Schreiber-St. Henry District, Cassandra Hanser-Ryle, Lauren Morehead-Beechwood, Tiffany Huffman-Conner, Brittany Dickmann-Conner, Jessica Handorf-St. Henry District, Brooke Berry-Cooper, Brooklyn Baker-Gallatin County

2014 NKCCA Missy White Scholarship Winners
Conner- Madison Burch, Tiffany Huffman, Morgan Bishop, Brittany Dickmann, Kayla Rowe

2013 NKCCA Scholarship Winners


2012 NKCCA Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Winner

2012 Missy White Scholarship Recipients

MW Scholarship


2011 Scholarship Winners

2010 Scholarship Award Winners

2009 Scholarship Winners

Sara Bamberger-Holy Cross, Elizabeth Donelan-Highlands Dance, Chelsea Fischer- Bellevue, Michelle Fortenza-Ryle, Summer Gollar-Simon Kenton, Lauren Jones-Pendleton County, Jaclyn Lunsford-Campbell County, Jacalynn Marsh-Trimble County, Callie Masters-Conner, Jessica Pence-Holy Cross, Kelsey Ryan-Boone County, Brittany Scanlon-Ryle, Olivia Schultz-Campbell County, Kelsey St. John-Dixie, Heather Townsend-Walton Verona, Whitney Wang-Dixie, Rebecca Williams-Dixie, Veronica Wynn-Holy Cross

Click here for pictures of the 2008 Scholarship Winners

2008 Scholarships Awards sponsored by: 

Team Spirit of Lexington
Miss Athletic 
Dippin Dots-Matt Stahl
Ky Fundraising

2008 NKCCA Scholarship Winners

Name School Amount Sponsor
Heather Borhorst Dixie $575.00 Dippin Dots
Amanda Brown Simon Kenton $575.00 NKY Fundraising
Shannon Crone Dixie $575.00 Miss Athletic
Courtney Crank Boone $575.00 Spiritvillle
Rachel Gumble Dixie $575.00 Team Spirit
Mallory Ward Conner $325.00
Kramer Pike Dixie $325.00
Jenny Warner St. Henry $325.00
Leah Borkowski Boone County $325.00
Kenda Conley Dixie $325.00
Mallory Fauz Campbell County $325.00
Mallory Koehler Highlands $325.00
Cassie Hill Holy Cross $325.00
Dana Winkler Holy Cross $325.00
Allison Bryon Brossort $325.00
Gina Dewor Conner $325.00


NKCCA Scholarships 
The following received scholarships at the 2007 Competition 

2007 Recipients

Name School/Gym Amount
1 Courtney Morgan Boone County $700.00
2 Jessica Schack Bishop Brossart $700.00
3 Rachel Knuehl Cambell County $450.00
4 Katie Lehman Dixie Heights $450.00
5 Amber Morris Dixie Heights $450.00
6 Audrey Flagg Ryle $450.00
7 Lindsey Braun Boone County $450.00
8 Elizabeth Atkins Newport $450.00
9 Stephanie Schlueter Pendleton County $350.00
10 Morgan Jury Ryle $350.00
11 Kristina Warman Ryle $350.00
12 Lauren Marcy Ryle $350.00
13 Jenna Dorman Walton-Verona $250.00
14 Stephanie McSwiney Holy Cross $250.00
15 Caitlyn Schilling St. Henry $250.00
16 Samantha Russell Ryle/Five Star $250.00
17 Megan Lehy Highlands $250.00
18 Michelle Barton Kentucky Elite $250.00

Missy White Stunt Award


McKenzie Sween

Kentucky Elite $100.00
20 McKenzie Meyer Kentucky Elite $100.00
21 Lindsey Goderwis Kentucky Elite $100.00
22 Kramer Pike Kentucky Elite $100.00
23 Callie Masters Kentucky Elite $100.00