General Information

Scholarships will be made available to cheerleaders & dancers whose school/gym is an active member of the Association. The amount of each scholarship will be determined each year by the Annual competition receipts and will be based on the association’s account balance. Cheerleaders & Dancers are eligible if they are members of an NKCCA school/gym, are seniors in good standing and have submitted a scholarship form. Also, their squad must be a participant in that school year’s competition (2 1/2 Minute &/or GameDay section). Proceeds received from the competition fund the scholarship awards. All forms must be completed and returned to the Association’s President with a postmark of no later then what is posted on the scholarship form of the current school year. Any application received after that date will not be accepted. Any application missing information will also not be accepted. An independent committee of the Association will select the scholarship winners. Selections will be announced at the Annual Competition. Scholarships must be redeemed by the following academic year. Scholarships not redeemed in this time period will be fortified and re-entered into the Association’s account balance. All scholarships redemptions are handled by the treasurer and are drawn on the Association’s account. It is the responsibility of each scholarship winner to notify the NKCCA President of the school they are attending. A check will be made payable directly to the college or university upon receipt of a copy of the student’s university/college bill.

2019-2020 Winter Competition Scholarship Application – Deadline 12/16/19

The scholarship application must be postmarked on or before December 15, 2018.  Scholarship awards will be announced at the Winter Competition on January 25, 2020


2018-19 Scholarship & Missy White award winners

2019-2020 Missy White Stunt Scholarship – Deadline 1/17/20

Scholarship awards are presented to a Senior All Girl or CoEd NKCCA member school Stunt Group.  Stunt Group must participate in the Stunt Group competition held during the Winter Competition on February 2, 2019. Scholarships are presented to the winning Stunt Group participants who are in grades 10-12. Freshman may participate in the Stunt Group but are not eligible for the scholarship.

Missy White Scholarship Application 19-20

 KAPOS State Wide Scholarship Application

Click here for a link to the KAPOS Scholarship page

Winter 2018 Competition
NKCCA Scholarship Recipients

Jenna Squires – Boone County HS
Macey Giberson – Highlands HS
Valerie Mattingly – Highlands HS
Victoria Apodaca – Ryle HS
Gabby Martin – Walton Verona HS
Darcie Cummins – Williamstown HS
Kaylee Hicks – Williamstown HS
Morgan Thompson – Williamstown HS
Amber Tien – Williamstown HS

Missy White Stunt Scholarship Award

Highlands HS – Ashlee Duncan, Sammie Studer, Valerie Mattlingly, Abbie Whitney

Fall 2017 Competition
NKCCA Scholarship Recipients
* also denotes Region 9 scholarship

Jenna Squires – Boone County HS*
Maddie Bland – Cooper HS*
Hannah Kimble – Highlands HS*
Caralyne Wallace – Newport HS*
Mandie Appleman – Bracken County HS
Megan Blau – Cooper HS
Hannah Tucker – Newport Central Catholic HS
Grace Merkle – Ross HS
Rachel Geruc – Ryle HS
Ashytn Pike – Scott HS
Gabby Martin – Walton Verona HS
Amber Tien – Williamstown HS

January, 2017 Competition
NKCCA Scholarship Recipients

Erin McNamara – Campbell County HS
Ashley Rust – Campbell County HS
Alessandra McLoughlin – Dixie Heights HS
Katie Fields – Dixie Heights HS
Olivia Sletto – Beechwood HS
Grace Beebe – Pendleton County HS
Terra Johnson – Grant County HS
Madison Sydnor – Pendleton County HS
Kaleigh Woods – Bracken County HS
Megan Butler – St. Henry District HS
Mallory Robinson – Grant County HS
Molly Burgemeir – Pendleton County HS

NKCCA Leadership Award

Olivia Sletto – Beechwood HS
Mallory Robinson – Grant County HS

Missy White Stunt Scholarship Award

Dixie Heights HS – Celeste Binford, Ally McLoughlin, Hannah Cook, Marinda Bosley

Attention NKCCA Scholarship recipients………
Refer to the scholarship letter you received regarding details on how to redeem your award. Please allow 2-3 weeks to process your payment