SCHOLARSHIP FORMS Scholarships will be made available to cheerleaders whose school are active members of the Association. The amount of each scholarship will be determined each year at the Fall meeting, or by the Annual competition receipts and will be based on the account balance. Cheerleaders are eligible if they have cheered for a member school, are seniors in good standing and have submitted a scholarship form. Also, their squad must be a participant in that school year’s winter competition; proceeds received from the competition fund go to the scholarship awards. All forms must be completed and returned to the Association’s President with a postmark of no later then December 31 of the current school year. Any application postmarked after that date will not be accepted. Any application missing information will also not be accepted. Please refer any questions to the NKCCA President. An independent committee of four voted on by the Association will select the scholarship winners. Selections will be made two weeks prior to the Competition. Scholarships must be redeemed by the following academic year. Scholarships not redeemed in this time period will be fortified and re-entered into the Association’s account balance. All scholarships redemptions are handled by the treasurer and are drawn on the Association’s account.

ACADEMIC AWARD FORM These awards are presented for academic excellence while cheering for a member school. The award will be based on a 4.0 scale or a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better; through the first semester of the school year. “ AP” or weighted classes should be adjusted accordingly. All grades are cumulative from the first semester of the 9th grade through current standings. Elementary and Middle school awards are cumulative based on their school’s standards. Only written and authorized submissions will be accepted.  All awards will be presented at the Winter Competition. Here is a link to the academic form Academic Awards application – Send your academic award list to Michelle Schuster, contact information is on the application.

SPIRIT AWARDS- These awards will be given to those squads that exemplify a true school spirit, are able to motivate their crowd, are friendly to other squads, exemplify good sportsmanship and support their team throughout the year and especially on Competition day. The awards will be presented at the end of the Competition. Voting for all sections will take place during the competition and are the responsibility of each coach, the NKCCA board & judges. Spirit awards should be turned in to the scorer’s table immediately at the end of a division’s event. Only competition participants are eligible.

COACHES’ SERVICE AWARD– This award was established to recognize the achievements and efforts of our member school coaches and representatives. All awards will be presented at the Competition. Examples include length of service, outstanding achievements, etc. Email us through the Contact Us to nominate a deserving coach.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD NOMINATION FORM– The NKCCA Youth Leadership Award recognizes a cheerleader/dancer who demonstrates excellent leadership at school, to their team and in the community. Nominators must be an adult other than a parent, guardian or sibling of the nominee

TEAM VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION & AGENCY AWARD NOMINATION – Describe in 75 words or less the team’s volunteer activity in a statement suitable for publicity. Include details as to level of involvement. List any other recognition received for volunteer or community service efforts. Describe the specific impacts of the volunteer or community service effort (numbers reached, hours served, dollars saved as a result, etc.) The Youth Board selects their philanthropy dollars from these nominees.