NKCCA Annual competition divisions are aligned to KHSAA/UCA/UDA standards

The NKCCA competition is open to all member schools, rec/club leagues and All-Star squads.
The competition will award first and second place trophies and ribbons in the categories with at least 3 squads entered, otherwise only first place trophies and ribbons will be awarded.

All School teams are required to adhere to all NFHS rules.

School, Club & Recreation Divisions for Cheer

—– High School Squads —–

Small Varsity (12 & under)
Medium Varsity (13-16 members)
Large Varsity (17 -20)
Super Large Varsity (21-30)
Junior Varsity Small (16 members & under)
Junior Varsity Large (17-25)
Non-Mount (5 minimum, no maximum number)
Non-Tumbling (5 minimum, no maximum number)
GameDay Cheer (5 minimum, no maximum number)

Depending on the number of teams, the NKCCA reserves the right to further divide teams by squad or school size

CoEd divisions
CoEd Small Varsity (minimum 1-4 males- 5-30 members)*
CoEd Large Varsity (minimum 4 or more males-5-30 members)*

*CoEd Divisions may be broken up into 2 categories or put into 1 overall CoEd Category (subject to review upon registration numbers)

—-Elementary/Middle School Squads —-

Elementary School (Grade 6 and below)

Small Division 4-16 members
Large Division 17-25 members

Middle School (Grades 8 and below)

Small Division 4-12 members
Medium Division 13-16 members
Large Division 17-20 members
Super Large Division – 21-30 members

—-Club League Divisions  —-
Also may be subdivided by squad size

Junior Division- 12 years and younger
Senior Division- 14 years and younger

Club Division Policies:
Exist for teams who are not associated with a school program. Club teams will follow the same 2 and 1/2 minute routine format with cheer/ sideline and music and all other rules and regulations (including additional restrictions for Elementary teams and Middle School teams)
. The age of the competitor as of Aug. 31, 2017 will be the age used for the competition purposes throughout the 2017-2018 season for all Club Divisions.

—- Recreational League Teams—-
Also may be subdivided by squad size

Starters Division – Ages 5-7
PeeWee Rec Division – Ages 5-8
Midget Rec Division- Ages 8-9
Youth Rec Division – Ages 10 & under
Junior Rec Division – Ages 12 & under
Senior Rec Division – Ages 14 & under
Exhibition divisions – May include starters, special olympics, etc..or squads not wishing to compete

Recreational Division Policies:
1. The Recreational Divisions exist for teams with the main purpose of cheering for and supporting a recreational team (i.e. youth football, pee wee sports, community sports teams, etc.)
2. Elementary teams with a school affiliation may compete in the recreational division, only if at least half of the participants are in 6th grade or younger.
3. Recreational divisions will follow same routine format, rules and regulations, including additional restrictions for Elementary and Middle School teams
The age of the competitor as of Aug. 31, 2017 will be the age used for the competition purposes throughout the 2017-2018 season for all Rec Divisions.

School, Club & Recreation Divisions for Dance

Categories are the same for Elementary/Middle School, High School, Rec/Club

Additional categories for exhibition will be accepted.

Stunt Groups

Stunt group classifications: – Awards given in each category for All-Star & School

Junior Co-Ed  One guy and one girl plus spotter 9th grade & under
Senior Co-Ed – One guy and one girl plus spotter 9– 12th  grade*
Senior Girls Stunt group – All girls 9th – 12th  grade*
Junior Girls Stunt group – All girls 9th grade & under
Youth Girls Stunt group – All girls 6th grade & under

*Missy White & Lilliana Schalck Scholarship awards available for these Stunt Groups – NKCCA member school participants grades 10-12