Details and Benefits

NKCCA members are provided comprehensive benefits from three associations:  the NKCCA, KAPOS and the NFHS (National Federation of High School Athletics)

NKCCA Membership Provides:

  • Scholarship Opportunities for Senior Cheerleaders
  • Leadership Awards, Youth Board membership, East-West All Star nominations for cheerleaders of member schools.
  • KAPOS Coaches Training Clinics
  • Webmail information & Updates
  • Admission to all NKCCA Events, Hospitality Room (if applicable )
  • In Game Competition enrollment
  • Voting privileges at NKCCA & KAPOS meetings
  • Plus all items below.

KAPOS Membership Provides:

  • KAPOS membership as indicated in their bylaws (
  • This membership option provides eligibility for SENIOR cheerleaders to apply for the Stella Gilb Scholarship & regional scholarships.

NFHS Membership Provides:

  • Insurance Coverage to include:
    • Excess General Liability – $1,000,000 per occurrence limit: $2,000,000 per occurrence for coaches who have successfully completed the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching, First Aid for Coaches (or its accepted equivalent), and Fundamentals of Teaching (Sport Specific) or Teaching Sport Skills.
    • $5,000,000 aggregate limit; Excess Accident Medical – $50,000 accident medical/dental limit per injury; $250 deductible per injury; $2,500 accidental death & dismemberment benefit
  • Exclusive online services for members only. Secured and password protected area within the NFHS Web site for rules, case and other educational materials

Access to the NFHS Coach Education Program Courses, and the online publication NFHS Coaching

NKCCA Member Requirements

The Fall & Winter NKCCA competitions are open events.  NKCCA membership is not required to participate. All-Star programs may exhibit without regard to locality.

NKCCA Membership for other events is open to only schools (high school, middle and elementary) located in the KHSAA Basketball regions 8, 9 & 10.  Scholarship opportunities are open to only NKCCA member programs & schools in the Greater Cincinnati area (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) that participate in the Fall or Winter competitions.

NKCCA members are expected to be current on their dues. Those not fulfilling the fee requirements will in no way be eligible to participate in activities or awards. All members & their schools must abide by KHSAA and NFHS requirements (CPR training, stunt restrictions, transfer and eligibility requirements, etc.)

* A special division will be established to accommodate “All-Star”  squads. All-Star squads may enter the competition to exhibit only. All-Star squads are not restricted to the Northern Kentucky area, but are subject to all of their own gym’s restrictions and requirements. All Association fees and regulations are applicable. All Star gyms in the NKCCA membership area are eligible to join the NKCCA.  NKCCA member All Star teams/gyms’ Seniors are also eligible for Scholarship awards.

NKCCA Meetings

All member schools/representatives are invited to attend the two annual meetings held for the applicable school year. Meetings are typically held in July/Aug/Sept, and Feb/March/April. Members in attendance are eligible to vote on changes/updates in activities or awards.