Mark your calendar………

The NKCCA Competition will host two competitions this season that are open to Recreation, Club, Elementary, Middle, High school & Special Needs teams. AllStar teams are welcome to exhibit.

Fall Competition – Saturday October 29, 2022 at Cooper HS in Union, KY
Winter Competition – tentative date Saturday January 28, 2023 at Ryle High School in Union, KY

The NKCCA will present Scholarships, Academic & Leadership awards at the Winter Competition.


Click here for registration & competition fee information. 

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All Competition participants must have a current NKCCA Waiver & Release Form on file.  Coaches are required to submit the Waiver & Release with the registration form.  NKCCA Waiver & Release form can be found on the registration information page.

*The NKCCA Waiver & Release MUST be completed & signed for each individual athlete*

COMPETITION  The purpose of our NKCCA competitions are two-fold: 1) to allow our cheerleaders to exemplify their talents both on the court/field and in the classroom. 2) to generate revenue for the Association to offer its awards, benefits and miscellaneous activities throughout the year. The Association must approve all items sold or displayed at the competition. The competition is open to all member schools. The competition will award first and second place trophies and ribbons in the categories with at least 3 squads entered, otherwise only first place trophies and ribbons will be awarded. All-Star squad are exhibition only. FEES Squad fee -A non-refundable fee per participant per squad along with all roster and liability release forms are required. All late payments and forms may be assessed a late fee. Stunt fee -An additional non-refundable entry fee per group along with roster and liability release forms are required. All late payments and forms may be assessed a late fee. ROSTER Only cheerleaders listed on the roster sheet are eligible to participate. High School squad cheerleaders must be KHSAA, OHSAA, or IHSAA eligible and members of their school’s squad participating in all facets ( unless sidelined due to illness or injury). All other cheerleaders must also meet their school’s minimum academic requirements. Cheerleaders should be listed by squad and are allowed to participate with only the squad that has listed them on their roster for the competition. They can, however, be listed on more than one roster for that school (i.e. Varsity & JV). WAIVER FORMS All cheerleaders must have a waiver & release form completed before the competition begins. Waiver forms should be submitted with the roster and entry fee. JUDGES The judges will use a score sheet approved at the Fall coaches meeting. Judging fees are based on the number of participating squads and established by the Board. FORMAT/SCORING Squads may not tumble or stunt onto and off the floor. All National Federation restrictions apply. Squads may use megaphones, signs, and pompoms at any time. Other props may be deemed dangerous to the floor or to the other cheerleaders ( e.g., flags, boxes, etc.) and will not be allowed. Squads going over the time limit or using illegal props will be penalized 10 points for each. The deduction will be taken from the judges’ combined scores. SOUND SYSTEMThe Association will supply a sound system. Sound checks will be allowed only during a designated period, prior to the performances. Coaches are advised to bring 2 copies of their music. PRACTICE/FLOOR TIMES Floor times in an auxiliary area will be assigned based on the order of appearance. Squads will not be given another scheduled opportunity to stretch and warm up prior to the competition. For more information on  Rules and Performance Guidelines – click on the Rules tab