Our Team


The Association will elect officers to help facilitate the duties and oversee the structure of itself. The Association, however, will always be a product of its’ member schools and its’ officers. Officers will be elected for a term of one year. Elections will be held at the Fall meeting. One vote per member school/representative. The offices of President, Treasurer/Secretary and All-Star Representative are needed. The President’s main role is to organize all events with the member schools, lead all meetings, inform members of rule changes and information and operate as mediator when the need arises. The Treasurer’s role is to secure all membership dues, keep in balance all funds received and to pay all bills. The treasurer will report the Association’s balance at all meetings. The Secretary’s main role is to document all meeting’s minutes and to distribute to member schools and pertinent information or meeting minutes. The All-Star Representatives will solicit participation in their division and act as liaison with the President and the Association.

Current Officers: Carly Leopold, President, Lauren Miller Vice President, Gay Trame, Treasurer, Kim Steffen, Secretary

Board Members: Alexis Beal, Gina Tirey, Jennifer Holt, Brittany Trame, Brittany Bishop, Ryan Brown, Chas Woolf, Lauren Miller, Tracey Adams

Competition Coordinator – Carly Leopold


The Youth Board members are nominated by their coaches. The consist of 11 and 12th grade squad members from NKCCA teams. Their duties are to assist the NKCCA in events and philanthropy activities.

VOTING on New Items & Changes

Items discussed at meetings or changes to the guidelines will be voted on, if possible at each meeting. One vote per member school or representative. Items, which the majority present believe should be voted on by a greater membership majority, will be listed in the meeting minutes and tabled for the next meeting or an online vote.


All officers and members shall not be held liable for any actions made by them in good faith and intent. Participants in events agree that all accidents, injuries and damages are not the responsibility of the Association. No action shall be taken against the Association or it’s officers. No reimbursements of any kind will be made for lost, damaged or stolen items. All participants are required to handle their own claims. Exceptions may lie in contracts held with third parties ( e.g. Gym rental, security guard fees). All participating school squads are required to follow National Federation (NFHS) rules. The NKCCA reserves the right to not allow an individual to compete without a signed waiver/release and insurance coverage. The team member must have insurance coverage through their school, gym or home. Otherwise an additional insurance fee will be charged. The additional fee will be based on the market rate to insure all members of the squad and the Association.


The Association’s funds will be kept in an account, which is agreeable to the member schools. The treasurer will report the account balance at each meeting. A receipt should accompany all disbursements.